The Betty Jane Narver Policy Fellowship

A unique opportunity for future policy leaders

The Fellowship honors the legacy of Betty Jane Narver and her commitment to public service. This unique opportunity for future policy leaders is entering its second year, continuing to honor her legacy by increasing the diversity of voices in state policy debates.

During the fellowship at the Budget & Policy Center, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to do research and analysis.

He or she will have a chance to make a difference for vulnerable families and communities through advancing pragmatic policy proposals.

In addition to gaining experience, the fellowship will offer a chance to gain first-hand, behind the scenes insight into the role research and advocacy plays in creating policy change.

And in the spirit of all Betty Jane did to advance the careers of many policy leaders in our state, the Budget & Policy Center will offer intensive one-on-one mentorship with the Executive Director.
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Up to the Challenge?

A standout candidate would have:
  • a commitment to social justice,
  • facility with quantitative analysis, 
  • an understanding or a desire to understand policy making,  
  • a desire to receive mentorship, and 
  • a strong interest in pursuing a career involving policy analysis.
  • Karinda Harris, our inaugural Betty Jane Narver fellow, wrapped up her work with B & PC in April. 

    What did you learn from your experience at B & PC?Karinda

    I learned about the role of research and analysis in policy making—how it's basically the core.  It was also interesting to me that policy development and strategy doesn’t just happen in Olympia—it happens everywhere --- between groups, with advocates, and the interaction of groups working together with different priorities.

    I also realized that you can’t do this kind of work without a genuine concern for the vulnerable and voiceless of our state.  I am interested in connecting with communities that aren’t at the table in the policy process.

    This work can be hard and sometimes depressing, especially now with the budget deficit and cuts to programs. But this is a great time to impact policy and make substantial and significant change.

    Any advice for future Narver fellows?

    Be flexible and open to learning. You never know what a day is going to look like at B & PC. There are always different opportunities… you never know where you are going to be.

    To work here you have to care about impacting change. It is not work that you can do without being connected to the communities and the outcomes.  Future fellows should care about social justice and want change.  As equity issues are a huge part of the budget, there should be concern for equity and social justice. I agree that budgets are about values, it is the role of research to help make policies more just.

    The Narver fellowship is a great learning opportunity and provides a great foundation for learning about policy making.

    I hope that future fellows know that their thoughts are valued. I always felt like a staff member, not just an intern or something. I knew my input mattered.
    I always felt supported—Remy and the whole staff are great.

    For me, it has been one of the best work environments I’ve ever had. This fellowship built upon my professional and personal skills. It was the perfect correlation with what I am learning in my master’s program.


    "This is a great opportunity for someone interested in a career in public policy to learn from the inside. when I was in school, I would have loved to have had the experience in being mentored by the leading progressive think tank in our state. I’m confident that this fellowship will result in more diversity in our public policy discussions.”
    Gordon McHenry Jr.

    The Budget &  Policy Center is committed to fostering diversity within our organization and our communities. To us, diversity means differing life experiences and backgrounds, and may include gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, disability, marital status and age.


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    Generous support from The Seattle Foundation’s Strategies to Eliminate Poverty Project and individual donors has made the fellowship possible. But we’ll need your support to continue the fellowship as a lasting tribute to Betty Jane Narver.

    Our vision is for the fellowship to become a permanent rotating staff position with the Budget & Policy Center, greatly enhancing the diversity of voices in public policy.

    Please consider supporting the Betty Jane Narver Policy Fellowship by emailing us.

    Betty Jane Narver


    The Washington State Budget & Policy Center is proud to announce the continuation of the Betty Jane Narver Policy Fellowship, in honor of one of the most admired and productive figures in recent civic life.

    As Director of the University of Washington Institute for Public Policy and Management, she led research on various education reform programs, welfare systems, and fiscal policy. She was appointed by three governors to serve as Chair of the Washington State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board. In addition, she was a founding member of the Board of Trustees of the Seattle Public Library Foundation and past president of the Municipal League of King County.

    Betty Jane is remembered for her unique ability to bring people together. Her kitchen was often the scene of debates between policy makers. Her most enduring impact, though, may have been her mentorship of a generation of civic leaders. Above all, she was kind and she was giving to countless individuals.

    This fellowship is our way of passing on her legacy.