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KIDS COUNT in Washington is a partnership between the Children’s Alliance and the Washington State Budget & Policy Center, supported by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Together, we gather and analyze the best emerging data on how children are doing in our state, and then turn that information into action to advance three broad and ambitious goals for Washington kids:
  1. All young children have a healthy start in life;
  2. All young children have their basic needs met; and 
  3. All children have the opportunity to succeed in school and in life.

KIDS COUNT in Washington understands that information is power. We seek a dialogue between what the data says and what communities know about kids. We put real life behind real numbers by pairing hard data with personal stories to give policymakers and the public the information they need to advance policies that create brighter futures for our children.

Our work includes producing the State of Washington’s Kids report; conducting issue-specific analyses on topics such as racial equity, poverty, hunger, health care, and education; and updating Washington-state-specific data for the KIDS COUNT Data Center, a comprehensive source for information on the wellbeing of children and families.

KIDS COUNT in Washington Staff Contacts:

Jennifer Tran, senior policy analyst, Washington State Budget & Policy Center

Julie Watts, deputy director, Washington State Budget & Policy Center
Adam Hyla Holdorf, director of communications, Children's Alliance


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A BIG thank you to everyone who supported us for GiveBIG – helping us exceed our goal of $5,000! Your support allows the Budget & Policy Center to continue advocating for policy solutions that help lift up families with low and moderate incomes, remove barriers to opportunity for people of color, and turn our tax code right side up. 

Our policy priorities

Washington state should be a place where all our residents have strong communities, great schools, and the chance for a bright future. Our 2017-2019 Legislative Agenda outlines the priorities we are working to advance.

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