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Progress in Washington 2018: Building an Inclusive Economy

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Progress in Washington 2018 builds on the Washington State Budget & Policy Center’s Progress Index, a project started in 2008 to create a framework for measuring the impact of public investments in Washington state. That project was originally launched to reshape the conversation on what represents progress. It sought to answer the question: Are we investing enough – and in the right ways – to give all Washingtonians opportunities to prosper? 

Progress in Washington 2018 marks our continued effort to track our state’s progress and to shift the narrative on what it really means for Washington state and its residents to thrive. True progress and prosperity are not fully realized until a Washingtonian’s race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ability, immigration status, language ability, or neighborhood are not determining factors in their life outcomes and access to opportunity.

Our Progress in Washington framework focuses on four key value areas within the state budget – economic security; education and job readiness; healthy people and communities; and effective and accountable government.

“Building an Inclusive Economy” is the first report in our Progress in Washington 2018 series. It is a report that seeks to provide a framework for understanding the challenges before us. It looks at how our state is faring when it comes to three specific areas: economic security, education and job readiness, and healthy people and communities. To create an inclusive Washington state economy that provides for equitable opportunities for prosperity across each of those areas, we need to know where we are and how we can get to where we need to be. 

Read the “Building an Inclusive Economy” press release.  


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