Thriving Communities

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purple puzzle pieceVibrant communities foster civic engagement, the arts, and economic innovation. They depend on reliable systems for transportation, communications, and justice as well as thoughtful, long-term planning and the sustainable use of resources.

The public investments that create thriving communities must be maintained and updated. We need adequate transportation and communication systems that keep up with population growth and changing demographics in the state. As we pursue new avenues for economic development, we must protect the long-term health of our communities and natural resources.

The state can promote economic growth and wise use of resources at the same time as it can ensure that business, education, and the arts serve the interests of all Washingtonians. To effectively manage our shared assets and resources, state policies and programs should be efficient and transparent.

This chapter describes our shared efforts to build thriving communities in the state. It includes goals, measurable outcomes, and spotlights on key issues.


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Our Policy Priorities

Washington state should be a place where all our residents have strong communities, great schools, and the chance for a bright future. Our 2017-2019 Legislative Agenda outlines the priorities we are working to advance to build a better Washington.

Testimonies in Olympia

To advance our legislative priorities, the Budget & Policy Center team was in the state capitol throughout session testifying on a wide range of bills. Watch our testimonies on TVW:
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