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Budget Matters: Early Bird Deadline is Oct. 31st

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Budget Matters 2013, our second annual policy conference will be held on December 12th. The early-bird registration deadline is rapidly approaching, in less than one week, on Thursday, October 31st. (You can still register after that date, but it will cost you more)!  

We have great panelists including:  Jared Bernstein, Senior FelloEarly Bird w at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities;  Governor Jay Inslee, State of Washington; and Heather McGhee, Vice President of Policy and Outreach at Demos.

Register today to get the early-bird price.

We have finalized our topics for the day, they include:

  • Jobs for a Middle-Out Economy -- Hard work is strongly valued within our society, and workers in the U.S. and Washington state remain the most productive in the world.  Yet, hard work no longer ensures the ability to meet basic needs or being firmly rooted in the middle class.  Today, not only are there not enough jobs to go around, but jobs do not pay enough for families to meet basic needs and get ahead.  It doesn’t have to be this way .  Come learn about investments we can make to improve wages and employment for workers and a strong economy.
  • Building a Revenue System that Works for All Washingtonians --Washington state has the most backward revenue system in the country. We rely too much on working and middle class families to fund our shared investments in education, health and public safety, and don’t ask enough from those most able to pay. The system makes rising income inequality worse and in recent years has led to deep budget cuts that have disproportionately impacted low income families and communities of color.  We will examine how reforms to our revenue system can help address income inequality and build a more prosperous state for all Washingtonians.
  • Media Perspectives: The 2014 Legislative Session and Beyond -- Reporters, columnists, and editorial board writers bring a unique perspective on issues that impact our state.  We will ask them to share their thoughts and insight on a variety of issues. As the legislature struggles to fully fund basic education, how will they prioritize other issues? How can we make sure that all children have what they need to be successful? How can we grow our economy and create living wage jobs? What is the state’s role in addressing income and wealth inequality?
  • Creating a Sustainable Environment for All  -- A good quality of life depends on clean air and water, a safe environment, and sustainable infrastructure. But these assets are not shared equally among all communities in Washington state. This panel We will explore how investments in the environment and smart policies can ensure all Washingtonians benefit from a clean environment and smart economic development regardless of income, race, ethnicity or geography.    

  • A Safe Bet: Upping the Ante in Early Learning-- High quality early learning is one of the best investments we can make to optimize children’s abilities and success, close the opportunity gap, support working parents, and develop our future workforce.  Yet, just one percent of the entire education budget in Washington state goes toward early learning. Learn about the progress being made in the early learning movement in Washington state and issues to be aware of this coming legislative session.

  • Messaging Against Anti-Tax and Anti-Government Rhetoric -- Tired of losing debates about government and taxes? Want to fight back? Come learn how to strategically and effectively message around the unique role of government in our society and the importance of equitable revenue to pay for public investments. Hear from communications professionals who incorporate the latest messaging research into their work.

Cost: Early bird tickets are $75 (before October 31st), and then tickets are $90 per person. Registration fees include breakfast, lunch, and all plenary and panel discussions. Registration deadline is Friday, December 6th.

Register today! 

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