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Federal budget decisions could make matters worse for cash-strapped states
Hundreds of Thousands of Washingtonians Would Lose Health Coverage with Federal Affordable Care Act Repeal
Trump-GOP’s Tax Plan Will Give Wealthiest 1 Percent of Washingtonians Even More Preferential Treatment
Sequestration Will Impact Washington State
Federal deficit reduction plans differ sharply
Medicaid block grants would be risky for our state
Federal cuts would contribute to state budget shortfall
Three Reasons Why the House GOP Tax Plan is Bad for Washington State
Extending Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy Would Be Unsustainable
President’s Budget Would Harm Washingtonians, Leave State on the Hook for Massive Costs
New Report: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Critical to the Wellbeing of Many Washingtonians with Disabilities
Five Ways Trump’s Budget Proposal Would Harm Washington State
Lawmakers Must Protect the Wellbeing of Children, Families, and People with Disabilities
New Report Shows Medicaid Expansion is Good for State Budgets
35 States Face New Budget Shortfalls, More Federal Fiscal Relief Needed
Debunking Myths About GA-U
Accounting for Medicaid Spending Growth
Food Stamp Increase Provides Boost to Washington Families and Economy
Impact of Recovery Act in Washington: Making Work Pay Credit and Unemployment Benefits
Federal legislation will give a $250 billion tax cut to wealthy estates
Accessing Federal Stimulus Money for Unemployment Insurance
Federal Estate Tax: Examining the Impact on Small Farms and Businesses in Washington
Earth Day Kicks Off New Climate Series on Schmudget
Climate Series #3: Offsetting Increased Energy Costs for Lower Income Households
Climate Series #4: Utilities are a Limited Option for Offsetting Increased Energy Costs
Structural Deficit: E-Commerce Sales Tax Revenue Losses Are Growing
Washington Families Risk Losing Housing Assistance
New BPC report: Federal Estate Tax Supports Public Priorities
Failing to Extend Federal Recovery Funding will Cost Jobs
Times Op-Ed Questions Rhetoric Around Federal Estate Tax