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Federal budget proposals can have a big impact on our state government. Investments in health care, the environment, public safety, public health, infrastructure, and anti-poverty programs can help our state thrive. However, big budget cuts to these areas can harm our state residents and hurt our economy.

In partnership with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, and other statewide and national research partners, the Washington State Budget & Policy Center conducts research and analysis on the impact key federal policy decisions would have on our state budget and our residents.

Current Federal Estate Tax Supports Public Priorities

The federal estate tax is an important source of funding for such essential investments as health care, education, the environment and national security. It applies to a small number of the wealthiest estates, affecting only one of every 500 estates around the country. Even then, they pay on average less than one-fifth of the total value of the estates. Some proposals before Congress, would likely result in less equitable taxation or significant cuts to key priorities.
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Our Budget Matters 2018 policy conference took place on November 13 at Seattle Center. john a. powell from the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society and Gov. Jay Inslee were the keynotes. Watch their presentations and other presentations from the conference on TVW.  

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