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Education offers a path to opportunity for Washington's children. Investments in great schools – from early learning through higher education – are fundamental to the wellbeing of Washington state and its people. Early learning opportunities set the stage for lifelong learning and social development. Strong K-12 public schools prepare children for higher learning and career opportunities. Higher education institutions, from four-year colleges to community and technical colleges, prepare students to be critical thinkers with diverse skills who can drive the innovation necessary to keep Washington state competitive nationally and globally. 

The State Supreme Court’s 2012 McCleary decision ruled it is the state’s paramount duty to fully fund basic education for every Washington school kid. To create opportunities and equity in education for every child, lawmakers still have work to do to ensure our state not only makes adequate, sustainable investments in children and young people in K-12 schools, but also in programs and institutions that support them from cradle to career. 


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