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Blog Post Creating a Safeguard Rebate Is Key to Equitable Property Tax Reform By - January 27, 2017

Blog Post It’s time to strengthen our property tax code to invest in schools By -

Blog Post A Look at How the Governor’s Budget Invests in Progress By - December 16, 2016

Blog Post Governor Proposes Bold Plan to Invest in Kids, Clean Up Tax Code By - December 13, 2016

Blog Post McCleary Reality Check: Legitimate Solutions Required to Fully Fund Schools By - September 23, 2016

Blog Post Slight Boost in Projected Tax Revenues Won’t Fix School Funding Crisis By - September 21, 2016

Blog Post Funding Schools for Washington’s Kids Can’t Be Done through Property Tax Gimmicks By - September 7, 2016

Blog Post All Income Growth is Going to the Richest 1 Percent of Washingtonians By - June 23, 2016

Blog Post Senate Budget Includes Massive Tax Giveaway to Giant Media Corporations By - March 16, 2016

Blog Post Final Budget Must Offer Solutions, Not Gimmicks, to Strengthen Economy By - March 1, 2016

Blog Post Essential Revenue Reforms Lose Out to Short-Term Needs in House Budget By - February 22, 2016

Blog Post Corporate Tax Break Accountability Proposals are Good for Washington’s Economy By - February 19, 2016

Blog Post Declining Revenue Projections Show It’s Time for Policymakers to Get Serious about Meeting Washington’s Needs By - February 17, 2016

Blog Post With I-1366 Ruled Unconstitutional, It’s Time for Lawmakers to Focus on Improving Schools By - January 21, 2016

Blog Post Investment in Washington State Residents And Communities Still Far Below Needs By - January 8, 2016

Blog Post Trimming Tax Breaks to Invest in Teachers a Good Start; More Investments Needed to Strengthen Economy By - December 17, 2015

Blog Post New Infographic: Why I-1366 Is Bad For Washington State By - October 9, 2015

Blog Post Battle Over I-1366 Shifts To November Ballot By - September 4, 2015

Blog Post I-1366 Lawsuit Headed to Washington State Supreme Court By - August 14, 2015

Blog Post Eyman Initiative Aims to Create Endless Gridlock By - July 14, 2015

Blog Post Requiring Greater Accountability for Boeing Tax Breaks Should Remain a Priority By - April 23, 2015

Blog Post Volatility Claims for Capital Gains Reform Are Overblown By - March 23, 2015

Blog Post Bill to Improve State Tax Break Transparency Receives Public Hearing By - February 20, 2015

Blog Post Infographic: Why Taxing Capital Gains Would Be Good for Washington State By - February 10, 2015

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