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I-1053 Would Handcuff State's Response to Recession
2010 Initiatives Could Impact Public Services
In November, voters in Washington State will make decisions on a range of ballot initiatives. Five of these measures could significantly impact our state’s ...
I-1098 Would Cut Taxes, Fund Improvements in Health Care and Education
Liquor Privatization Initiatives Part 1: Washington's Current Liquor Control System
Eyman Initiative Aims to Create Endless Gridlock
I-1631 invests in what matters
2016 Ballot Measures: What’s at Stake
2010 Initiatives: Voters Will Face Tough Choices In November
I-1053’s Supermajority Requirement is Excessive and Unreasonable
Proposed ‘Supermajority’ Amendments Would Protect Latest Tax Loophole for the Wealthy
Supermajority Law Struck Down, Time to Move Forward
Liquor Privatization Initiatives Part 2: I-1100 and I-1105
I-1107 Would Harm Public Priorities
“Son of 1053” would continue to exacerbate budget woes
I-1366 Lawsuit Headed to Washington State Supreme Court
With I-1366 Ruled Unconstitutional, It’s Time for Lawmakers to Focus on Improving Schools
All Income Growth is Going to the Richest 1 Percent of Washingtonians
UPDATE: I-1098 Would Fund Improvements in Health Care and Education, Cut Taxes for Homeowners and Small Businesses
Our Summary of the 2010 Initiatives
Harmful Supermajority Requirement Headed Back to Ballot
Tim Eyman Initiative on Property Taxes
Initiative 1033: Severely Constricts State and Local Spending
Initiative 1033: Harms Our Ability to Recover from Economic Downturns
Initiative 1033: Harmful Effects Worsen Over Time
Initiative 1033: Experience in Colorado Shows Harmful Effects
BPC Report Shows I-1033 Undermines Public Priorities
UPDATE: Official State Analysis Shows High Cost of I-1033
Toxic Twins: I-1033 Mirrors Colorado's Corrosive TABOR
Toxic Twins Part 2: TABOR Caused Sharp Declines in Health Care Funding
Toxic Twins Part 3: Colorado’s Transportation Infrastructure Deteriorated Under TABOR