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Progress in Focus: Moving Toward a Healthier Environment
Washington State Lawmakers Smart to Embrace Affordable Care Act
Infographic: Four Reasons Why Medicaid Expansion is a Good Idea
Hundreds of Thousands of Washingtonians Would Lose Health Coverage with Federal Affordable Care Act Repeal
Young Adults Have Limited Access to Health Insurance
Nearly 350,000 Will Gain Health Coverage Under Medicaid Expansion
Federal Government Will Pick up the Tab for Medicaid Expansion
Expanding Medicaid Benefits To All Corners of the State
Public Health Services Needed More Than Ever
Want to Improve Economic Recovery for Women? For Everyone? Invest in Education and Health
Health Care Infrastructure is Straining to Keep Up With Demand
Cuts Put Women’s Health and Safety at Risk
Businesses that Shift the Cost of Health Care onto the State Need to Pay-up
Seniors Getting Less Care and Paying More
Medicaid block grants would be risky for our state
Public insurance critical as employers drop health coverage
Progress In Focus: Protecting the Health of Washingtonians
Children's Success Requires More than Just K-12 Education
State Investments Can Improve Health & Environment
Senate Budget Cuts Put Our Environment and Health at Risk
Health Coverage Options Start Today
Five Ways Trump’s Budget Proposal Would Harm Washington State
Washington State Lagging in Key Measures of Progress
New Report Shows Medicaid Expansion is Good for State Budgets
UPDATE: Federal Stimulus Requires State Investment in Health Care
"A Shared Vision" Part Three: Healthy People and Environment
Community Health Centers and the State Budget
28 Percent of Lower Income Parents Uninsured in 2008
Four Facts About GA-U #1: GA-U is an Important Part of Our Health Care System
Uninsurance High Among Unemployed