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Four Important Budget Realities for the 2014 Legislative Session and Beyond
New Report: Four Important Budget Realities for the 2014 Legislative Session and Beyond
Progress in Focus: Moving Toward a Healthier Environment
I-1053 Would Handcuff State's Response to Recession
2010 Initiatives Could Impact Public Services
In November, voters in Washington State will make decisions on a range of ballot initiatives. Five of these measures could significantly impact our state’s ...
I-1098 Would Cut Taxes, Fund Improvements in Health Care and Education
SJR 8222 Unwise Without Additional Reforms
Out-Dated, Flawed Revenue System Creating Long-Term Fiscal Challenges
Senate Republicans' Plan Doesn't Amply Fund Schools, Puts Other Programs at Risk
The House Revenue Plan Shows How to Make Smart, Long-term Investments in Communities
Governor signs budget that won’t create jobs, threatens economic recovery
Policy Agenda: Framework for Prosperity
We lay out specific recommendations for targeted investments that bring our state closer to providing prosperity for all Washingtonians. We also provide ...
What an All-Cuts Budget Really Looks Like
Early Learning is Key to a Prosperous Economy
New Policy Brief - A Paramount Duty: Funding Education for McCleary and Beyond
Opportunity for All Kids Means Going Beyond McCleary
Washington State Cuts to Higher Education Among Worst in the Country
Governor Proposes Narrowing Tax Breaks to Fund Education
Invest in Washington State’s Future, Invest in Communities of Color
Senate "Education By Starvation" Proposal Would Fund Education By Cutting All Other Investments
Senate Skimps on Education Funding
Unlike Senate, House Invests in Kids and the Economy
Federal budget decisions could make matters worse for cash-strapped states
Invest in TANF to Help Strengthen Families
State legislators should focus on advancing shared prosperity during 2018 legislative session
Final Budget Must Offer Solutions, Not Gimmicks, to Strengthen Economy
Local Levies Can't Fund Statewide Education
The Washington State Dream Act: An Investment for All Washingtonians
Early Learning Factsheet
Senate Democrats Offer Immediate Action, Concrete Plan to Fund Education