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A Capital Reform: Using Capital Gains to Fuel Job Creation and Economic Prosperity in Washington State
To create jobs, spur long-term economic growth, and foster prosperity, Washington state desperately needs to rebuild our eroding education, public health, and ...
New policy brief proposes capital gains tax in Washington state
Lack of a State Capital Gains Tax Means Wealthiest 1 Percent Get a Huge Tax Break in Washington State
Capital Gains Tax + Rainy Day Fund = Greater Economic Stability
Five essential truths about our state tax code
All Income Growth is Going to the Richest 1 Percent of Washingtonians
Capital gains: A rapidly growing, untapped resource
Video: Economist Jared Bernstein Explains Capital Gains Taxes
In Support of the House's Revenue Proposals
Elite Investment Clubs Account for Largest Share of Capital Gains
Top 10 Graphs About Capital Gains
Infographic: Why Taxing Capital Gains Would Be Good for Washington State
(Updated) FAQs: Taxing Capital Gains To Build An Economy That Works For All Washingtonians
Hedge Funds vs. Mom-and-Pops: The Truth about Small Businesses and Closing the Capital Gains Tax Break
Capital gains tax could aid in economic recovery
Updated data: Capital Gains Still More Concentrated Among Wealthiest Few
Updated! FAQs About Taxing Capital Gains In Washington State
Final budget brings momentous victories for communities, but property tax cuts will come at a cost