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Funding Schools for Washington’s Kids Can’t Be Done through Property Tax Gimmicks
Kids Need More Than K-12 to Thrive
Early Learning is Key to a Prosperous Economy
Recent Estate Tax Decision Jeopardizes Investments in Education
New Policy Brief - A Paramount Duty: Funding Education for McCleary and Beyond
Opportunity for All Kids Means Going Beyond McCleary
House Bill Would Be an Investment in Washington State’s Children
Washington State Cuts to Higher Education Among Worst in the Country
Governor Proposes Narrowing Tax Breaks to Fund Education
Senate "Education By Starvation" Proposal Would Fund Education By Cutting All Other Investments
Senate Skimps on Education Funding
Washington State Higher Education Cuts Led to 2nd Largest Tuition Increase in Nation
Local Levies Can't Fund Statewide Education
The Washington State Dream Act: An Investment for All Washingtonians
Early Learning Factsheet
Senate Democrats Offer Immediate Action, Concrete Plan to Fund Education
Governor preserves child care subsidies but limits access and reduces income support
Cuts to Higher Education Dimming Future Prosperity
Cuts to Higher Education Lead to Increases in Tuition
Want to Improve Economic Recovery for Women? For Everyone? Invest in Education and Health
Revenue Forecast Shows it’s Time to Get Real: We Can’t Cut our Way to McCleary
Governor Proposes Bold Plan to Invest in Kids, Clean Up Tax Code
Slight Boost in Projected Tax Revenues Won’t Fix School Funding Crisis
Gov. Gregoire’s School Funding Plan is a Good Start
How Much Funding is Needed for McCleary?
Webinar: I Can See McCleary Now
Schools, Colleges Would Get a Much-Needed Boost From Plan to Tax High-End Capital Gains
Fund Education Without New Revenue? That Doesn’t Add Up.
House Bill 1723: A Smart Investment in Washington State’s Future
Declining state support impacts affordability for all students