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Why the Minimum Wage Debate Matters for Everyone
Lawmakers Can Prevent Thousands of Washingtonians from Losing Food Assistance
Economic Recovery in Washington State? Not So Fast.
Senate Republicans' Plan Doesn't Amply Fund Schools, Puts Other Programs at Risk
Opportunity Lacking for Most Washingtonians
Policy Agenda: Framework for Prosperity
We lay out specific recommendations for targeted investments that bring our state closer to providing prosperity for all Washingtonians. We also provide ...
Strong Social Policy: Good for Families, Good for the Economy
How the Stock Market Surge Can Help Fund Schools, Other Vital Services
State legislators should focus on advancing shared prosperity during 2018 legislative session
The Fight For Economic Justice Persists
Women, Work, and Washington's Economy: How Budget Cuts Hurt All Three
Want to Improve Economic Recovery for Women? For Everyone? Invest in Education and Health
Progress in Focus: To Create Better Jobs, Invest in Workers
IN PURSUIT OF PROSPERITY: Eight Strategies to Rebuild Washington State's Economy
By Lori Pfingst, PhD As our newly elected leaders reconvene for next legislative session and beyond, it is important they recognize that widely shared ...
New Policy Brief: In Pursuit of Prosperity
Some Ideas To Fix Washington State’s Economy
Strong Public Policies are Essential in a Weak Economy
Weakening the Minimum Wage Not Good for Economy or Workers
New Bills Promote Economic Security and Transparency
Infographic: Senate Budget Leaves Our Economy Running on Empty
$15 Minimum Wage: Good for Workers, Good for Our Economy
Three Reasons to Raise the Minimum Wage in Washington State
The Economic Contributions of Immigrants in Washington State
Spin Aside, CBO Report Favorable to Increasing Minimum Wage
President’s Budget Would Harm Washingtonians, Leave State on the Hook for Massive Costs
Invest in Women, Invest in Washington
With I-1366 Ruled Unconstitutional, It’s Time for Lawmakers to Focus on Improving Schools
U.S. Supreme Court decision puts Washington’s economic well-being at risk
Washington State Lagging in Key Measures of Progress
Lawmakers Must Protect the Wellbeing of Children, Families, and People with Disabilities