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Borrowing to Balance the Budget Can Make Sense, But Not by Itself
As policymakers in Olympia look for ways to fill a $1 billion gap between the revenue the state is taking in and how much it needs to fund services that ...
No Matter How You Slice It, Shortfalls Ahead
IN PURSUIT OF PROSPERITY: Eight Strategies to Rebuild Washington State's Economy
By Lori Pfingst, PhD As our newly elected leaders reconvene for next legislative session and beyond, it is important they recognize that widely shared ...
New Policy Brief: In Pursuit of Prosperity
Governor's Budget: A Reality-Based Proposal
Gov. Gregoire’s School Funding Plan is a Good Start
Our Policy Agenda - A Framework for Prosperity
New Bills Promote Economic Security and Transparency
Proposed ‘Supermajority’ Amendments Would Protect Latest Tax Loophole for the Wealthy
How Much Funding is Needed for McCleary?
Webinar: I Can See McCleary Now
Schools, Colleges Would Get a Much-Needed Boost From Plan to Tax High-End Capital Gains
Fund Education Without New Revenue? That Doesn’t Add Up.
Sequestration Will Impact Washington State
Senate Budget Neglects Key Ingredients to Future Prosperity
Infographic: Senate Budget Leaves Our Economy Running on Empty
Statement on Senate Budget: It's All About Choices
Declining state support impacts affordability for all students
A Look at How the Governor’s Budget Invests in Progress
SJR 8206 fails to address biggest problems in the state's rainy day fund
Senate Budget Still Scraping By, Not Considering Long View
Video of Our Event - Equity, Opportunity, and Funding in Education
Budget agreement between House and Senate results in cuts of $242 million
New Policy Brief: Strengthening Washington’s Rainy Day Fund
Federal cuts would contribute to state budget shortfall
Statement on Supplemental Budget: Puts Off the Hard Work
House releases budget that is unsustainable for our future
New Research Council Report Offers Flawed Defense of Tax Breaks
State Supreme Court to Legislators: Find a Way to Fully Fund Education
The Economic Contributions of Immigrants in Washington State