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Brief: Poverty reduction programs support families to work and should be strengthened
Proposed Two-Generation Legislation is Important Step in Improving Family Economic Security
Passed Senate Budget: Worst Budget For Vulnerable People
Hunger Alert: Food Benefit Cuts Will Impact Over One Million Washingtonians
KIDS COUNT Report: Barriers to Opportunity Prevent Children of Color and Immigrant Children from Reaching Their Full Potential
Census Poverty Numbers Don't Tell the Whole Story
Paul Ryan’s Anti-Poverty Plan Would Have Devastating Impact in Washington State
Policymakers Have Opportunities to Advance Family Well-Being this Session
Brief: Modernizing the Working Families Tax Rebate would rebalance the tax code, grow local economies, and help workers thrive
The Future We Want: The Washington State Budget & Policy Center Announces Our 2017-2019 Legislative Agenda
Lawmakers must reinvest in WorkFirst to restore the promise of basic support to families facing poverty
Scraping By Isn’t Enough: What the Poverty Data Doesn’t Show
President Trump’s budget won’t strengthen the economy. It will harm Washington state
House Budget Starts Rebuilding Opportunity for Low Income Families
Framework for Prosperity provides a comprehensive vision of systemic changes
Washington State One of Three States Where Poverty Is Increasing
NEW REPORT: Too Many Kids Are Being Left Behind in Economic Recovery
Women and Children First? Not in Senate Budget
CENSUS: Rise in Poverty Levels Off, But Still Alarmingly High
State and Federal Proposals to Cut Funding for Women’s Health Would Decrease Family Economic Security
Federal proposal to cut food assistance would increase poverty in Washington State
Maybe When You’re Older: Prosperity and Young Adults in Washington State
Economic Struggles of Young Adults Can Cause Long-term Damage
Young Adults of Color Face Big Challenges
The only thing trickling down is the pain
New Census Data Show Rise in Child Poverty, Deep Racial Disparities
Proposed federal budget plan would disproportionately impact low-income families
Progress in Focus: Declining Economic Security Is a Big Threat for Washingtonians
Economic Security: Key to Recovery and Prosperity
State investments play a critical role in protecting Washingtonians against the continued economic downturn. Strong public structures- such as unemployment ...
Expanding Opportunity Means Investing in Kids & Families