Misha Werschkul

Misha Werschkul

Executive Director

As the leader of the Budget & Policy Center, Misha guides the organization’s strategic vision and ensures its position as a leading voice shaping the debate around budget priorities.

She previously worked in a range of roles with Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in Washington, D.C., and SEIU 775 in Seattle – most recently serving as 775’s legislative and policy director. Misha has a master’s degree in public policy and women’s studies from George Washington University, and she held two research fellowships with the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

In recent years, she has crafted positions and built coalitions in support of progressive statewide campaigns, including making improvements in the health and long-term care system, raising the minimum wage, and advancing revenue solutions. She serves on the board of Northwest Health Law Advocates. In her free time, Misha can be found adventuring with her young daughter in Seattle’s many publicly funded parks and playgrounds.

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