Let’s create a tax code that works for everyone

Thriving communities require dependable resources, where everyone pitches in their share. However, our state tax code holds us back. People with middle and low incomes pay a higher share of taxes than the top 1 percent; and corporations and special interests get unnecessary tax breaks that funnel money away from our communities. Lawmakers need to fix our upside-down tax code and pass equitable, sustainable revenue reforms. You can be part of the movement of Washingtonians who are calling for these reforms.

Equip yourself with facts

Check out some helpful information about the challenges and opportunities within our tax code:

Join the networks

There are some great coalitions in our state working to advocate for balancing the tax code so all our communities can thrive. Get involved with All In For Washington, an advocacy organization centering communities of color in this important work. Sign up for updates from Balance Our Tax Code, a coalition working to ensure the wealthiest pay their share toward investments in our communities. Email the campaign director of the Working Families Tax Credit coalition to inquire about joining the effort to provide tax credits and direct cash assistance to people with low incomes.

Become a champion for reform

Tell your elected officials to prioritize commonsense fiscal solutions, like removing the tax break on capital gains, funding an inclusive and modernized Working Families Tax Credit, and eliminating wasteful corporate tax breaks. To keep up with our solutions, connect with the Budget & Policy Center on email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Stay up to date with COVID-19 resources  

Washington leaders must implement strategic and impactful fiscal policies that support the children, families, individuals, and workers whose economic well-being is most affected by the consequences of COVID-19. See our COVID-19 webpage for analyses, policy recommendations, and other resources.