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As we enter the 2021 legislative session amid the pandemic, we continue to see how the public health and economic crises have magnified existing and deeply rooted inequities. In our 2021 legislative agenda, we call on state leaders to implement strategic and impactful policies that are equitable and inclusive and that prioritize resources for people with low incomes; Black, Indigenous, and people of color; and others who are most impacted by this pandemic. Every budget and policy choice lawmakers make is an opportunity to reimagine and build a stronger, more just future for our state. In 2021, they must:

  • Provide cash assistance directly to people most impacted by the crisis. This includes expanding existing cash assistance programs and support to individuals.
  • Raise progressive revenue to invest equitably in communities. Lawmakers can address the state’s economic crisis with new taxes on Washington’s wealthiest residents and large, profitable corporations.
  • Bolster investments in public services that support well-being and divest from systems that cause harm. Legislators should build a state budget that strengthens investments in communities of color, supports an equitable economic recovery, and divests from harmful systems and policies (by, for example, defunding and demilitarizing the police.)

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Our principles to guide the state policy response to the economic crisis

  • Lead with equity.
  • Provide immediate, impactful, and sustained relief.
  • Make permanent fixes to underlying structural failures.
  • Implement policy responses rooted in trust and dignity, not paternalism.
  • Reject a scarcity mindset: There is enough wealth in our state to invest in our people.

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