Policy Priorities

Policy Priorities

The Budget & Policy Center advocates for a state budget and tax code that advance progress and strengthen the well-being of all Washingtonians. We prioritize policies that advance racial equity by working to eliminate systemic and institutional barriers to opportunity for people of color – and we stay busy in Olympia during legislative session to promote our policy priorities.

Progress in Washington is our framework for determining which policies create an inclusive state economy – in which factors like race, ethnicity, gender, and ability are not determining factors in people’s life outcomes. The big question we seek to answer through our framework is: Are we investing enough – and in the right ways – to give all Washingtonians opportunities to prosper?

To explore our answers to this question, read our Progress in Washington 2018 series:

Testimonies in Olympia

Our policy team has been busy testifying on behalf of our policy priorities during the 2019 legislative session. Check out their testimonies so far: