About Us

 The Washington State Budget & Policy Center is an independent, progressive policy organization that works to create a just and prosperous state through sound research and analysis.

We were founded in 2005, when policy experts and business people all came to the same conclusion: We would not fully realize the goals Washingtonians widely share until fiscal policies were more just and adequate. 

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The Budget & Policy Center was created to come up with fresh, practical alternatives to public policies that fail everyday Washingtonians.

Our respected policy analysts seek to shape our state’s budget discussions. We pay particular attention to how Washington’s spending and revenue practices impact low and moderate-income families.

We’ve added to the public discourse over ballot measures that affect state fiscal policies by providing detailed analysis of their impacts on everyday families.

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We’ve offered analysis and policy ideas like the Working Families Tax Rebate and improvements that can be made on state public assistance programs.

We work with a broad base of community partners and policymakers to shape the debate on budget and tax reform.


What we do:

  • Comprehensive budget and policy analysis. We identify and analyze current fiscal issues and priorities; track budgeting trends over time; and analyze the impact of both revenue and spending policies on Washingtonians – especially low and moderate-income residents.
  • Alternative proposals and effective solutions. We provide analysis and evidence-based alternatives in all areas of budget and fiscal policy. We develop budget solutions, long-term fiscal strategies, and identify best practices from other states as alternatives to existing programs and policies.
  • Public awareness and civic engagement. We use our research and analysis to educate the public about the facts, enabling greater civic understanding and participation in state budgeting matters. We use many methods of communication to ensure that our findings have the greatest impact on public policy debates.


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Document Actions

Our Legislative Agenda

The Budget & Policy Center's 2015-17 Legislative Agenda calls for an equitable and sustainable revenue system in addition to state investments that will promote a world-class education system; sustain a strong, inclusive middle class; produce high-quality, living wage jobs, and ensure equal opportunity to live healthy and productive lives. Take a closer look here.

Testimonies in Olympia

Andy testimonyWe've testified in support of a number of important bills this session. Take a look:

Budget Beat

Sign up for our next Budget Beat webinar on Friday, April 3, at noon. Our research and policy team will give a legislative update.

In our February 27 Budget Beat webinar, State Rep. Reuven Carlyle, D-Seattle, and Senior Fiscal Analyst Andy Nicholas talked about the tax break transparency bill. 

Budget Matters Conference

Thank you to all those people who made our 3rd Annual Budget Matters Conference a success! Take a look at this video highlighting Budget Matters 2014.