Our Impact

Our Impact

Working for a brighter future

The Washington State Budget & Policy Center is a trusted leader in advancing policy change to ensure our state and economy are strong.

We have led or been a part of many successes in our state, including:

  • Getting financial aid to more college students:
    In 2018, legislators bolstered the State Need Grant, providing financial aid to 4,600 more students who need it.
  • Ensuring fewer kids go to school hungry:
    In 2018, we helped make the case to fund Breakfast after the Bell, a program that provides breakfast to students with low incomes so they can show up to class ready to learn.
  • Preventing an unnecessary tax break for big manufacturers:
    In 2017, we called for Governor Jay Inslee to veto a corporate giveaway that would have siphoned money out of our communities.
  • Increasing wages and providing paid leave for thousands of hardworking people:
    In 2016, voters passed an initiative to raise the statewide minimum wage to $13.50 and provide sick and safe leave – so workers can make a better living and protect their well-being and that of their families.
  • Improving access to early learning:
    In 2015, the Early Start Act brought high-quality early childhood education to more kids.
  • Expanding Medicaid:
    In 2013, the state invested in healthy communities by expanding Medicaid for adults with low incomes.
  • Protecting revenue that serves the public good. We have been at the frontlines of efforts over the past decade to stop Tim Eyman’s harmful anti-revenue ballot initiatives.

To learn more about our impact, see our coverage in the media and take a look at our 2018-2022 strategic planning framework. This framework lays out the strategies and tactics we’re using to achieve major public policy changes in order to build a better Washington state. And check out “Inspiring Growth: Our Impact in 2018.”

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