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Blog Post Washingtonians call for bold action to support an inclusive economic recovery By Melinda Young-Flynn | November 04, 2020

Blog Post It’s time to move Washington state forward By Misha Werschkul | November 07, 2018

Blog Post I-1631 invests in what matters By Andy Nicholas | October 05, 2018

Blog Post Yes on I-1631: An inclusive approach to building healthier communities By Andy Nicholas | July 18, 2018

Blog Post Voters Raise Wages for 730,000 Washingtonians; Federal Changes Could Threaten Washington’s Children and Families By Misha Werschkul | November 10, 2016

Blog Post 2016 Ballot Measures: What’s at Stake By Misha Werschkul | October 20, 2016

Blog Post All Income Growth is Going to the Richest 1 Percent of Washingtonians By Andy Nicholas | June 23, 2016

Blog Post With I-1366 Ruled Unconstitutional, It’s Time for Lawmakers to Focus on Improving Schools By Andy Nicholas | January 21, 2016

Blog Post New Infographic: Why I-1366 Is Bad For Washington State By Andy Nicholas | October 09, 2015

Fact Sheet I-1366 is Bad for Washington State October 09, 2015

Blog Post Battle Over I-1366 Shifts To November Ballot By Andy Nicholas | September 04, 2015

Blog Post I-1366 Lawsuit Headed to Washington State Supreme Court By Andy Nicholas | August 14, 2015

Blog Post Efforts Underway to Block Eyman Blackmail Initiative By Melinda Young-Flynn | July 30, 2015

Blog Post Eyman Initiative Aims to Create Endless Gridlock By Andy Nicholas | July 14, 2015

Blog Post What You Won’t Find in the Voters’ Guide About Public Advisory Votes By Tara Lee | October 29, 2013

Blog Post Public Advisory Votes on November Ballot Are Tailored to Deceive By Andy Nicholas | October 22, 2013

Brief/Report Supermajority Law’s Damaging Legacy August 23, 2012

Brief/Report Budget Growth Claims Lack Context, Belie Deep and Painful Cuts October 21, 2010

Blog Post I-1098 Would Cut Taxes, Fund Improvements in Health Care and Education By Andy Nicholas | July 23, 2010

Brief/Report 2010 Initiatives Could Impact Public Services July 21, 2010

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