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Blog Post Washington lawmakers: Invest in communities, don’t make knee-jerk cuts We call on leaders to respond wisely to this economic crisis By - June 17, 2020

Blog Post It’s time to include undocumented immigrants in state response to COVID-19 Undocumented immigrants excluded from more than $700 million in economic relief so far By - May 21, 2020

Blog Post Envisioning a just and inclusive future for our state Principles for a state policy response to the COVID-19 economic fallout By - April 15, 2020

Blog Post We must protect and boost public investments at this critical time Statement from the Washington State Budget & Policy Center By - April 2, 2020

Blog Post Lawmakers made progress to promote economic security, but much more is needed New policies can start to address the economic crisis we now face By - March 20, 2020

Blog Post Tax credits for working families gaining steam in Washington and U.S. Many proposals to provide income boosts to low-wage workers are moving forward By - August 16, 2019

Blog Post An important policy for immigrant workers The Keep Washington Working Act is good for families and communities By - May 1, 2019

Blog Post Guest post: Let the rich pay our share in taxes It's time to tax capital gains and enact the Working Families Tax Credit By - April 25, 2019

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