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Blog Post Important progress happening on tax justice and racial justice Now policymakers must move key bills forward to sign into law By - March 11, 2021

Blog Post It is critical to our future to protect the democratic process & dismantle white supremacy A statement from the Washington State Budget & Policy Center By - January 15, 2021

Blog Post Washingtonians call for bold action to support an inclusive economic recovery Even as we await federal election results, people must advocate for key budget and revenue priorities By - November 4, 2020

Blog Post Washington lawmakers: Invest in communities, don’t make knee-jerk cuts We call on leaders to respond wisely to this economic crisis By - June 17, 2020

Blog Post It’s time to include undocumented immigrants in state response to COVID-19 Undocumented immigrants excluded from more than $700 million in economic relief so far By - May 21, 2020

Blog Post Envisioning a just and inclusive future for our state Principles for a state policy response to the COVID-19 economic fallout By - April 15, 2020

Blog Post We must protect and boost public investments at this critical time Statement from the Washington State Budget & Policy Center By - April 2, 2020

Blog Post Lawmakers made progress to promote economic security, but much more is needed New policies can start to address the economic crisis we now face By - March 20, 2020

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