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Blog Post How federal tax credits can fix income inequality in Washington Forward-thinking federal proposals show how to boost incomes of millions of workers By - May 31, 2019

Blog Post Final budget reflects a modest move away from austerity budgeting Lawmakers’ spending plan will make promising investments in communities By - May 8, 2019

Blog Post Lawmakers need to make the tax code work for all working families Shelving the Working Families Tax Credit would come at a huge cost By - April 23, 2019

Blog Post Three takeaways from the House budget proposal By - March 27, 2019

Blog Post House leaders propose smart tax reforms to pave way for stronger investments Budget proposal would begin to reverse trend of Recession-era spending By - March 26, 2019

Blog Post Governor’s forward-thinking budget plan sets the state up for a healthy future Proposal would add new, progressive revenue to fix perennial budget shortfall By - December 15, 2018

Blog Post Current revenue sources coming up short of what our communities need To fund thriving communities, lawmakers will have to raise new revenue in the next legislative session By - November 20, 2018

Blog Post Modernizing the Working Families Tax Credit would rebalance the tax code, grow local economies, and help workers thrive By - August 14, 2018

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