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Blog Post The numbers are in: State investments and federal stimulus put Washington on a real path toward recovery Tangible, long-overdue budget improvements were made this year, thanks to the hard work of advocates By - August 17, 2021

Blog Post The Working Families Tax Credit will reduce hardship across Washington Tax credits and flexible cash policies can help more people live with economic dignity By - July 16, 2021

Blog Post Final budget proposal gets Washington state closer to an inclusive economy Statement from the Washington State Budget & Policy Center By - April 24, 2021

Blog Post House & Senate offer a path to recovery in budget proposals Policymakers are listening to growing calls for new revenue and more investments By - April 1, 2021

Blog Post Revenue forecasts don’t reflect the lived experience of communities Lawmakers must rebalance our tax code to ensure all communities can thrive in the years ahead By - March 17, 2021

Blog Post Washington state’s upside-down tax code is even more racist than you think Lawmakers can’t stall on reforming a system that channels income to wealthy white households By - February 10, 2021

Blog Post Washington state needs a Recovery Rebate now The Rebate – an updated Working Families Tax Credit – would provide cash to around 500,000 households By - January 19, 2021

Blog Post Governor’s budget a good start, but more must be done to meet urgent need Washington lawmakers must act boldly this legislative session By - December 23, 2020

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