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Lawmakers act to balance state tax code by passing capital gains tax

Budget & Policy Center research provided foundation for this policy win

April 25, 2021

Budget & Tax Analysis, Capital Gains, Equity, State Budget & Revenue

Final budget proposal gets Washington state closer to an inclusive economy

Statement from the Washington State Budget & Policy Center

April 24, 2021

B&PC News, Equity, State Budget & Revenue

Pop-up art installation in Olympia supports tax on capital gains

Work features artists from across Washington

By Dujie Tahat - April 20, 2021

B&PC News, Budget & Tax Analysis, Capital Gains, State Budget & Revenue, Working Families Tax Credit

The Working Families Tax Credit to be enacted in Washington state

In an historic win, nearly one in six households will receive an annual Recovery Rebate

April 16, 2021

Cash Stimulus, Economic Well-Being, Equity, Working Families Tax Credit

House & Senate offer a path to recovery in budget proposals

Policymakers are listening to growing calls for new revenue and more investments

By Margaret Babayan, policy analyst, and Andy Nicholas, senior policy fellow - April 1, 2021

Budget & Tax Analysis, Equity, Legislative Agenda

Washington state’s Recovery Rebate is part of nationwide momentum to include immigrants

A growing number of states are making cash assistance inclusive of ITIN filers

By - April 1, 2021

Cash Stimulus, Economic Well-Being, Equity, Working Families Tax Credit

Robust cash support will help ensure an inclusive recovery

State lawmakers must make cash support broadly available to people, regardless of employment or immigration status

By - March 18, 2021

Cash Stimulus, COVID-19, Economic Well-Being, Poverty & Basic Needs, Working Families Tax Credit

Revenue forecasts don’t reflect the lived experience of communities

Lawmakers must rebalance our tax code to ensure all communities can thrive in the years ahead

By Margaret Babayan and Andy Nicholas - March 17, 2021

Economic Well-Being, State Budget & Revenue

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