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Robust cash support will help ensure an inclusive recovery

State lawmakers must make cash support broadly available to people, regardless of employment or immigration status

By - March 18, 2021

Cash Stimulus, COVID-19, Economic Well-Being, Poverty & Basic Needs, Working Families Tax Credit

Revenue forecasts don’t reflect the lived experience of communities

Lawmakers must rebalance our tax code to ensure all communities can thrive in the years ahead

By Margaret Babayan and Andy Nicholas - March 17, 2021

Economic Well-Being, State Budget & Revenue

Lawmakers must increase the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)/WorkFirst cash grant

TANF benefits, largely unchanged since 1996, are inadequate to support family well-being

By - March 12, 2021

Economic Well-Being, Equity, Poverty & Basic Needs

More evidence shows that tax credits are good for health

Policies that provide cash assistance can improve physical and mental health for kids and parents

By - March 12, 2021

Cash Stimulus, Healthy People & Communities, Working Families Tax Credit

Important progress happening on tax justice and racial justice

Now policymakers must move key bills forward to sign into law

March 11, 2021

B&PC News, Capital Gains, Cash Stimulus, COVID-19, Equity, Legislative Agenda, Working Families Tax Credit

Washington state’s debt-based driver’s license suspension laws mirror racist legal system

SB 5226 would reform driver’s license suspension policies that disproportionately harm Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and people of color

By - March 5, 2021

Economic Well-Being, Equity

Washington state’s upside-down tax code is even more racist than you think

Lawmakers can’t stall on reforming a system that channels income to wealthy white households

By Andy Nicholas and Margaret Babayan - February 10, 2021

Capital Gains, Economic Well-Being, Equity, State Budget & Revenue, Working Families Tax Credit

Legislators must improve unjust driver’s license suspension laws

Getting rid of debt-based license suspensions would bring relief to many Washingtonians

By - February 3, 2021

Economic Well-Being, Equity, Poverty & Basic Needs

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