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"Washington's dirty little secret." Executive Director Misha Werschkul was interviewed for this Civic Skunk Works podcast in a segment about Washington state's upside-down tax code. May 4, 2017
"Taxing the silver age: Property taxes a burden to King County seniors on fixed incomes." Associate Director of Fiscal Policy Andy Nicholas talks about our renter's credit proposal in this piece on how property tax increases affect low-income seniors. May 3, 2017
"Trump's tax proposal is for himself, not kids." This Children's Alliance e-newsletter about how President Trump's tax proposal would hurt kids references the Budget & Policy Center's statement against Trump's proposal. May 3, 2017
"Trump plan eliminates Washington state sales tax deduction." Executive Director Misha Werschkul is interviewed for this story about President Trump's tax plan that seeks to give massive tax cuts to the wealthy. April 27, 2017
Op-ed: "Pro: Is a capital gains tax really needed?" This op-ed by Washington state business owners Sonya Campion and Ron Sher supports the capital gains tax, and it uses some of our analysis to make the case. April 23, 2017
"Washingtonians Talk Awkwardly About Taxes." The Budget & Policy Center's All In Director, Sumayyah Waheed, is featured in this video series in which Washingtonians talk about the need to reform our state's tax code. 
Guest editorial: "Seriously, Enough with the Tax Breaks for Special Interests." Executive Director Misha Werschkul and All In For Washington Director Sumayyah Waheed co-wrote this Tax Day article about the need to get rid of unnecessary tax breaks. April 18, 2017

Editorial: "Lawmakers should not pick and choose what education to fund." This piece calls for state legislators to fund the expansion of the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program, an expansion we made the case for in our recent KIDS COUNT research brief. April 17, 2017 
"The Impact: April 12." Executive Director Misha Werschkul joins Liv Finne from the Washington Policy Center in this episode debating the merits of the House and Senate school funding proposals. April 12, 2017
"'Progressive' Washington has the most regressive taxes in the country." Executive Director Misha Werschkul is quoted extensively in this article about our state's broken tax code and the potential solutions to fix it. April 12, 2017
"Report calls for preschool expansion." This article focuses on our KIDS COUNT analysis (conducted in partnership with the Children's Alliance) on the benefits of expanding the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program. April 10, 2017
Op-ed: "Institutionalized Inequity." This article that shines a light on the inequitable nature of our state's tax code references us when talking about the structure of the tax code (and uses data from The Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy). April 7, 2017
Op-ed: "Boost in caregivers' pay would spark economy." Executive Director Misha Werschkul co-wrote this op-ed with the Statewide Poverty Action Network in support of giving home care workers a $15 hourly wage. April 1, 2017
Editorial: "Whither the capital gains tax? Using our research and analysis, the editorial board came out in favor of the capital gains tax, and it also highlighted the upside-down nature of our state's tax code. March 24, 2017 
"Republicans play their first card in state budget game." This article about the Senate Republicans' budget proposal references our analysis of how Trump's proposed federal budget would cut key funds to our state. March 22, 2017
"New state revenue forecast shows that tax reform can't wait." This piece excerpts our blog post that emphasizes the need for tax reform in light of the new forecasts about state revenue. March 17, 2017
"Trump budget could mean major changes in Washington, from housing and schools to military." We provided analysis for this article about the president's harmful federal budget proposal. March 16, 2017
"Carbon Tax Bill." A clip of Associate Director of Fiscal Policy Andy Nicholas's testimony is shown in this video. It focuses on the House carbon tax proposal to promote an equitable, clean-energy economy. March 14, 2017
Letter to the Editor: "Tax code: upside down." Executive Director Misha Werschkul penned this letter in support of a Seattle Times article that highlighted how Seattle's tax code disproportionately hurts people with low incomes. March 8, 2017
"The changing landscape for health care and safety net programs." This article highlights a policy briefing we hosted for our organization's closest friends that focused on the Affordable Care Act. February 28, 2017
Op-ed: "Give Washington's working people a (tax) break." Associate Director of Fiscal Policy Andy Nicholas co-wrote this op-ed about the property tax safeguard rebate that would protect the economic security of homeowners and renters with low and middle incomes. February 28, 2017
Op-ed: "Clean up tax code to help working families." This op-ed about the need to fix our state's upside-down tax code references the All In For Washington campaign -- a campaign for which the Budget & Policy Center is a lead member. February 4, 2017 
"Plans to lower Washington's minimum wage could be difficult sell." Executive Director Misha Werschkul is quoted in this article about a bill proposing to enact limitations on Initiative 1433, which raised the statewide minimum wage. February 2, 2017
"Jay Inslee might have mentioned 'bold' tax plan sooner." This column by Shawn Vestal references our analysis of Governor Inslee's revenue proposal. January 5, 2017
"Full agenda." This article provides an overview of some of the key legislative priorities for the 2017 session, and it references our capital gains tax proposal as a proposed solution to help fund public schools. January 4, 2017


"Governors' Plans for State Taxes in 2017/2018." This blog post references Gov. Inslee's proposals to reform our state's tax code, and it links to our analysis of the governor's budget proposal. December 22, 2016
"Inslee proposes record budget. Republicans recoil." This article on Gov. Inslee's budget proposal references our analysis that shows how his plan would help kids and make progress toward a more equitable tax code. December 14, 2016. 
"Inslee: Fund schools by taxing polluters, investment earnings." We helped provide background analysis for this piece about Gov. Inslee's budget proposal. December 13, 2016
"Trump, McCleary Focus at Budget & Policy Conference." This article offers a recap of our Budget Matters 2016 Policy Conference, and it quotes Executive Director Misha Werschkul and Deputy Director Julie Watts. December 9, 2016
"Progressive think-tank proposes tax overhaul to fund schools." This article highlights the tax reform proposals unveiled at our Budget Matters Policy Conference, and it quotes our policy experts Andy Nicholas and Kelli Smith. November 23, 2016
"The left vs. a carbon tax." The author of this article about the carbon tax on the November ballot calls us "a source of excellent analysis." November 8, 2016
"Don't fear, local nonprofits can prepare for new overtime rules." This article about new federal overtime pay provisions references our analysis on the economic well-being of the Blue Mountain Region of Washington and Oregon. October 30, 2016  
"Pro on I-1433: Boosting Kitsap's economy and helping families." This op-ed by the CEO of the Greater Seattle Business Association supports raising the minimum wage and references our analysis. October 15, 2016
"How Higher Home Care Wages Might Boost the Whole Economy." This article focuses on our report about the anticipated economic benefits of raising the wages of Washington's state's home care workers. October 2, 2016
"Initiative 1433: Pro: Wage increase means more customers for businesses." Our analysis is referenced in this op-ed making the case for why a higher minimum wage is good for the business community. October 1, 2016
"Fact-checking Trump's speech in Everett." Our poverty analysis is referenced in this article that fact-checks comments about childhood poverty that the Republican presidential candidate made in a speech in Washington state. August 31, 2016
"Video: Trump Fact Check." Our KIDS COUNT analysis is referenced in this story that fact-checks comments Trump made about childhood poverty in a speech in Washington state. August 31, 2016
"Workers, businesses doing well with a higher minimum wage." Executive Director Misha Werschkul and the deputy director of the National Employment Law Project co-wrote this op-ed about the positive impacts of Seattle's higher minimum wage. August 2, 2016
"A new report released from UW shows impact on increased minimum wage in Seattle." Executive Director Misha Werschkul is quoted in this article showcasing how a higher minimum wage is benefiting Seattle's workers and businesses. July 25, 2016
"The kids aren't all right, new report details." This piece about the KIDS COUNT Data Book focuses on how systemic inequities must be addressed to keep Black, American Indian, and Latino children from falling behind. June 29, 2016
"In Our View: Doing Right by Children." This article highlights the KIDS COUNT 2016 Data Book and emphasizes that lawmakers must create policies that advance the well-being of Washington's children. June 24, 2016
"Let's Talk About that Seattle Times Editorial Claiming Sound Transit Should 'Slow Down' on New Light Rail." This piece references our capital gains tax proposal as an option for funding the region's transit growth. June 20, 2016
"Republican State Senator Rejects Parent's Suggestion to Close Tax Breaks & Consider Capital Gains to Fund Education." Our analysis is referenced in this article about the state's school-funding crisis. June 10, 2016
"Supermajority Amendment 'Or Else' Unconstitutional in Washington State." Our analysis on Initiative 1366 is referenced multiple times in this blog post about the overturned initiative. June 2, 2016
"Less Guru Than Guerilla." We are quoted in this opinion piece praising the state Supreme Court's decision to overturn Tim Eyman's harmful Initiative 1366. June 1, 2016
"Want a better higher education system? Raise taxes." Our board member Aaron Katz co-bylined this op-ed that calls for new revenue and recommends Budget & Policy Center revenue proposals. May 23, 2016 

"Homelessness in Walla Walla Valley is issue needing attention, action." Research we conducted for Walla Walla partner organizations informed the efforts described in this article to address hardship in that region. May 23, 2016

"Legislators were good, bad and ugly in tackling race equity this legislative session." This article covers a press conference on racial equity that we helped organize and highlights legislative data that we compiled. May 10, 2016
"Angry and often overlooked, children of the incarcerated are hidden in plain sight." Research and Policy Director Lori Pfingst is quoted in this article about the KIDS COUNT report on parental incarceration. May 4, 2016
"Boeing says it saved $305M through state tax breaks in 2015." A Herald reporter spoke with our policy team for this story on Boeing's first-ever public disclosure of its tax breaks. April 29, 2016
The foundation's April e-newsletter highlights our 2016 supplemental budget analysis and emphasizes the need for more revenue to invest in Washington's communities. April 2016
"State relies on an unfair, insufficient tax system." This editorial about the need to fix Washington state's broken tax system links to our capital gains tax policy FAQ. April 7, 2016
"Statehouse Scrutiny." This piece profiles the State Priorities Partnership (SPP) and describes its impact in supporting policies for people with low incomes. The Budget & Policy Center is a member of SPP. Spring 2016
"Washington's Tax System Is Due for Reform, Policy Groups Say." Associate Director of Fiscal Policy Andy Nicholas is quoted. February 18, 2016

"Budget Matters Summit." This e-newsletter for Washington Nonprofits highlights our 2015 summit in its segment showcasing nonprofit organizations doing equity and inclusion work. February 2016 
"2016 State Tax Policy Trends: Addressing Poverty and Inequality Through Tax Breaks for Working Families." This blog post mentions Washington state's Working Families Tax Rebate, a policy that we helped enact. February 12, 2016
"'Serious work to do' if Blacks are to achieve well-being on par with Whites in Washington, new report says." This article highlights a report we co-authored -- at the request of a group of nonprofits and African-American coalitions -- about the well-being of Black Washingtonians. February 9, 2016
"Advocates Use Results-based Leadership Skills to Improve Policy for Kids." This post describes a leadership institute -- that Research and Policy Director Lori Pfingst completed -- that equips advocates to influence policy decisions to help more children and families. February 4, 2016
"New statewide initiative would raise minimum wage." Research and Policy Director Lori Pfingst is quoted. January 11, 2016 (This piece ran in multiple media outlets regionally and nationwide)
 "The Importance of Racial Equity in Policymaking" (story on page 5). Executive Director Misha Werschkul wrote this article. January 2016
"CBPP's State Policy Fellowship: A First-Person Account." This piece by our former policy fellow Michael Mitchell highlights what he learned while working for the Budget & Policy Center. January 4, 2016


"A Steep Road to Victory for Carbon Tax Initiative." We are referenced in this article about Initiative-731 and the measure's goal to institute a revenue-neutral tax on carbon. (December 30, 2015)
Budget Matters 2015 Summit Announcements
  • The Stranger: "The Best Readings & Talks in Seattle This Winter." December 9, 2015
  • The Stranger: "The 57 Best Things To Do This Week." December 9, 2015
  • International Examiner"Announcement: Budget Matters 2015 Summit Focuses on Racial Equity in Policymaking." November 18, 2015 
"In Northwest, a question of tax cuts or education." We helped provide background information about Washington's tax structure for this piece about our state's K-12 education funding crisis. (November 21, 2015)
Editorial: "Voters made a mistake with 1366." This follow-up to The Olympian's October editorial denouncing I-1366 is again shaped by our analysis. (November 5, 2015)

"Inaugural Poverty Summit Explores the New Challenges and Nature of Poverty." Research and Policy Director Lori Pfingst is quoted in this piece about the poverty epidemic. (October 2015)
Editorial: "Send Eyman's idea out with the trash." Using our research and analysis, the editorial board came out against Initiative 1366. (October 25, 2015)
"Eyman's I-1366 would force Legislature's hand - or cut sales tax." An article about Tim Eyman's November ballot initiative links to an earlier story that quotes our statement about I-1366. (October 11, 2015)
"UW summit highlights poverty, eroding middle class in state." This piece about the West Coast Poverty Center's recent conference quotes Research and Policy Director Lori Pfingst. "(October 9, 2015)
"On the Move." An article about notable hires and promotions in the region mentions our new executive director, Misha Wershkul. (September 28, 2015)
"Progressive Era Reform Can Be Anything But Progressive." This blog post heavily cites our research on Initiative 1366 and on attempts to enact a supermajority requirement in Washington state. (September 21, 2015)
"Guest Editorial: Want a Strategy for Getting More State Education Funding? Here's a Strategy." Our analysis is referenced in this editorial calling for revenue reform by community organizer Noel Frame. (September 16, 2015)

"Is This the State We Want? Shared Prosperity in Washington." This blog post highlights a presentation that Research and Policy Director Lori Pfingst gave to Philanthropy Northwest members about our Progress Index. (August 31, 2015)
"A Rising Tide Doesn't Lift All Boats: Washington's Children of Color Still Struggle to Get By." Research and Policy Director Lori Pfingst co-authored this op-ed about how the legacy of racist policies is impacting kids. (August 21, 2015)
I-1366 Lawsuit Coverage:
The Budget & Policy Center lead the summer 2015 efforts to file a lawsuit against Tim Eyman's unconstitutional Initiative 1366. This is a sample of the media coverage:
  • Seattle PI: "Supreme Court allows Eyman initiative on November ballot; Eyman ordered to appear in Superior Court." September 4, 2015
  • Tax Analysts: "Washington Judge Says Supermajority Tax Initiative Can Stay on Ballot." August 19, 2015 
  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "Judge: 'Substantial possibility' Tim Eyman initiative is invalid, but people should still vote." August 14, 2015
  • Crosscut: "Court keeps Tim Eyman initiative on November ballot." August 14, 2015
  • AP/KOMO News: "Measure limiting ability to raise taxes kept on ballot." August 14, 2015 (This piece, and an abbreviated version of it, ran nationwide.)
  • KING 5: "Judge OKs Eyman tax-limiting initiative for ballot." August 14, 2015
  • Everett Herald: "Opponents say Eyman's new initiative uses blackmail, extortion." August 6, 2015
  • Seattle Times: "Suit filed over Eyman tax measure, just a day after it makes the ballot." July 30, 2015 
  • KUOW/Northwest News Network: "Lawsuit challenges Eyman anti-tax measure." July 30, 2015 (This piece ran on stations throughout the northwest.)
  • Associated Press/Q13 FOX: "Suit seeks to block Tim Eyman's anti-tax measure from going on Washington ballot." July 30, 2015 (This piece ran nationwide.)
  • Crosscut: "Lawsuit aims to halt Eyman initiative." July 30, 2015
"Sunday Buzz: Startup whiz pens how-to book; childhood poverty increases in state; Costco stands firm."  This newsbrief about the 2015 KIDS COUNT Data Book quotes and links to the Budget & Policy Center's analysis. (July 25, 2015)
"Investing in Children Levels the Playing Field." The Budget & Policy Center is referenced in this column that details the 2015 KIDS COUNT Data Book and the policies Washington should enact to help children and families. (July 22, 2015)

"The Great Recession May Be Over But It's Still Holding Back Families in Washington and Across the Nation." Research and Policy Director Lori Pfingst is quoted in this piece about the 2015 KIDS COUNT Data Book. (July 22, 2015)
"Legislature OKs new budget with rare tuition cuts and pay raises for teachers." Senior Fiscal Analyst Andy Nicholas is quoted in this piece about the final 2015 state budget. (June 29, 2015)
"Without state budget, social services could be halted." Our analysis about how a government shutdown would impact the state of Washington is referenced in this piece about the budget impasse. (June 24, 2015)

"Washington Lawmakers Kill Capital Gains Tax." Senior Budget Analyst Andy Nicholas is quoted in this piece on how the capital gains tax proposal fared in budget discussions. (June 23, 2015)

Seattle Times

Editorial: "Capital-gains tax is best option to fund Senate bipartisan plan on education." Using our research and analysis, the editorial board came out in favor of the capital gains tax. (June 12, 2015)

Everett Herald

Editorial: "Close gap with capital gains tax." Using our research and analysis, the editorial board came out in favor of the capital gains tax.  (June 3, 2015)

"Lawmakers should reshape budget to help communities of color." Senior Budget Analyst Kim Justice and Chris Genese of Washington Community Action Network wrote this op-ed about the need for an equitable budget. (May 26, 2015)
"Throwing Strikes: Unions Protest Teachers Pay Proposals As Lawmakers Open Special Session." In a piece about the teachers' strikes in Washington, KPLU quotes Senior Budget Analyst Kim Justice. (April 30, 2015)
"Washington Lawmakers Continue Debate Over Capital Gains Tax to Fund Education." This news analysis about the status of Washington's capital gains tax proposal references our research on the topic. (April 21, 2015)
"Tax Day State Roundup." The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy highlighted the schmudget blog post we wrote for Tax Day. (April 16, 2015)
"Washington's broken tax system is funded by the poor to benefit the rich." Research and Policy Director Lori Pfingst wrote this op-ed about the need to fix our state's upside-down revenue system. (April 15, 2015)

"Washington State Early-Ed. Bill Passes; Funding Debate Continues." Our analysis on the House and Senate's budgets is referenced in this article about an early childhood learning bill in Olympia. (April 13, 2015)
"GOP Budget Doesn't Only Ignore Supreme Court, It Cuts It." Our "eagle-eye analysis" is referenced in this piece about the Senate budget. (April 9, 2015)
"Budget Clash in Olympia." Publicola references research from the Budget & Policy Center's Progress Index in this article about the Senate and House budget proposals and Washington state's broken tax system. (April 1, 2015)
"WALeg Day 78: $12 minimum wage debate continues." Research and Policy Director Lori Pfingst is quoted from her Senate testimony in favor of raising the statewide minimum wage. (March 30, 2015) 
"Proposed Washington Capital Gains Tax Faces Battle in Republican-Controlled Senate." Senior Fiscal Analyst Andy Nicholas explains the benefits of Washington state's capital gains tax proposal. (March 4, 2015)

"New Poverty Measurement Shows Fewer Washington Kids in Need." Research and Policy Director Lori Pfingst offers her insight about a new KIDS COUNT report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. (February 26, 2015)

"Transparency on tax breaks: A good idea?" Senior Fiscal Analyst Andy Nicholas is quoted in this piece highlighting House Bill 2134, which is focused on tax break accountability and transparency. (February 22, 2015)
"Will WALeg raise minimum wage for all or cut it for teens?" Research and Policy Director Lori Pfingst is quoted in this article detailing the minimum wage-related proposals being considered in the House. (February 16, 2015)
"Taxes: Idaho vs. Washington." Senior Fiscal Analyst Andy Nicholas talks about Washington state's broken tax structure in this comparison of the two states' systems. (February 11, 2015)
"Coalition: New Proposal Sidesteps State Budget Issues." Senior Budget Analyst Kim Justice is quoted in this piece about the proposal to direct two-thirds of all new revenue to education. (February 6, 2015)
"Guest Editorial: We Need to Become a State Where Everyone Pays Their Fair Share." Governor Jay Inslee quotes Senior Fiscal Analyst Andy Nicholas in his editorial highlighting his proposed budget. (January 28, 2015)


"What Does Capital Gains Tax Opponent Senator Andy Hill Really Have to Gain?" This article cites our Senior Budget Analyst, Kim Justice, and her recent research on Senator Andy Hill's "Deficit Myth" argument. (January 20, 2015)

Yakima Herald

"Legislature 2015: Lawmakers face budget writing battle." Our Executive Director, Remy Trupin, is quoted in this article that focuses on the looming budget battle.  (January 11, 2015)


"A Little More Money, A Lot More Problems." Our analysis of the state budget situation is used in this article about the upcoming session. (January 7, 2015)

Yakima Herald

"Social service organizations must stand up for funding." This article cites our research in a discussion about the impact Washington state's current budget situation could have on social service organizations. (January 3, 2015)

Seattle Times

"Inslee seeks tax rebate for low-income families." The Seattle Times quoted our Executive Director, Remy Trupin, in this story about Governor Inslee's inclusion of the Working Families Tax Rebate in his carbon pollution policy.  

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