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Blog Post New Report – Working Family Tax Credits Help Military Families By Tara Lee | July 02, 2013

Brief/Report 2013 Session Recap: Not a Path to Prosperity July 01, 2013

Blog Post Final Budget: A Band-Aid Not a Solution By Kim Justice | June 28, 2013

Brief/Report Economic Recovery Will Be Tied to Changes in Washington State’s Revenue System June 01, 2013

Blog Post Jobs and Education Should Prevail Over Tax Breaks By Andy Nicholas | April 24, 2013

Blog Post An Easy Choice: Invest in Education and Economic Growth For All, Or Continue Preferential Tax Rates For The Few? By Andy Nicholas | April 16, 2013

Blog Post Working Family Tax Credits Are Good for Wa. State’s Children and Economy By Tara Lee | April 09, 2013

Blog Post Invest in Washington State’s Future, Invest in Communities of Color By Mike Mitchell | April 08, 2013

Brief/Report Revenue Trends: Grow the Economy, Create Jobs, and Protect the Middle Class with New Revenue April 01, 2013

Blog Post Washington State Cuts to Higher Education Among Worst in the Country By Mike Mitchell | March 19, 2013

Blog Post Lawmakers Have Chance to Support Workers and Economy By Mike Mitchell | February 26, 2013

Blog Post How Much Funding is Needed for McCleary? By Tara Lee | February 14, 2013

Blog Post Weakening the Minimum Wage Not Good for Economy or Workers By Lori Pfingst | January 31, 2013

Brief/Report Framework for Prosperity 2013 January 12, 2013

Blog Post Governor’s Budget: A Reality-Based Proposal By Kim Justice | December 18, 2012

Brief/Report In Pursuit of Prosperity: Eight Strategies to Rebuild Washington State’s Economy November 01, 2012

Brief/Report Supermajority Law’s Damaging Legacy August 23, 2012

Blog Post There’s a Way We Can Build Economic Prosperity for Washington’s Children By Mike Mitchell | July 19, 2012

Blog Post One Way to Improve Children’s Health: Fund the Working Families Tax Rebate By Andy Nicholas | June 06, 2012

Blog Post Cuts to Higher Education Lead to Increases in Tuition By Mike Mitchell | June 06, 2012

Blog Post Invest in Women, Invest in Washington By Lori Pfingst | May 17, 2012

Blog Post Final Budget Misses the Mark on Building a Strong Economy By Kim Justice | May 02, 2012

Blog Post Tax Increases? Where? By Andy Nicholas | April 12, 2012

Blog Post Supplemental Budget: Worst of Cuts Avoided, Challenges Remain By Kim Justice | April 11, 2012

Blog Post Top 10 Graphs About Capital Gains By Andy Nicholas | February 29, 2012

Blog Post Cuts Put Women’s Health and Safety at Risk By Lori Pfingst | February 22, 2012

Brief/Report Cuts on the Rise, Health in Decline February 07, 2012

Brief/Report Borrowing to Balance the Budget Can Make Sense, But Not by Itself February 01, 2012

Chart/Graphic Saving 35 Percent Would Stabilize Capital Gains Revenues January 23, 2012

Blog Post Capital gains becoming even more concentrated among richest few By Andy Nicholas | January 19, 2012

Blog Post Richest 1 percent get 75 percent of all capital gains By Andy Nicholas | January 17, 2012

Brief/Report Legal Analysis: State Capital Gains Tax December 15, 2011

Brief/Report No denying it: At least $10 billion has been cut from the state budget December 09, 2011

Blog Post Why the Working Families Tax Rebate would work for Washington By Lori Pfingst | December 01, 2011

Brief/Report A Capital Reform: Using Capital Gains to Fuel Job Creation and Economic Prosperity in Washington State November 03, 2011

Blog Post Affordable child care helps parents keep their jobs By Kim Justice | October 24, 2011

Brief/Report Economic Security: Key to Recovery and Prosperity, Wealth & Opportunity October 17, 2011

Blog Post New tax break audit report: A valuable but limited tool By Andy Nicholas | July 27, 2011

Blog Post The sun sets on two tax breaks (500 more escape scrutiny) By Andy Nicholas | June 29, 2011

Blog Post Governor signs budget that won’t create jobs, threatens economic recovery By Lori Pfingst | June 14, 2011

Brief/Report State Debt Limit Debate Misses the Point May 20, 2011

Brief/Report Undermining Prosperity: Higher Ed Cuts Weaken Access, Affordability, & Quality April 26, 2011

Blog Post The case for state spending guidelines — no matter the source By Karinda Harris | March 31, 2011

Brief/Report Strengthening Washington’s Rainy Day Fund February 28, 2011

Brief/Report Every Dollar Counts: Why it’s Time for Tax Expenditure Reform February 08, 2011

Blog Post Two new resources: Analysis of Governor’s 2011-13 budget proposal and legislative session tool By Andy Nicholas | January 20, 2011

Brief/Report Budget Growth Claims Lack Context, Belie Deep and Painful Cuts October 21, 2010

Blog Post A Step Backward: The 2009-11 State Budget By Jeff Chapman | September 02, 2010

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