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Blog Post A Statement About the Senate Budget By Kim Justice | March 31, 2015

Blog Post The Push for $12 Minimum Wage Advances to Senate By Lori Pfingst | March 31, 2015

Blog Post In Support of the House’s Revenue Proposals By Melinda Young-Flynn | March 31, 2015

Blog Post Creating an Equitable Future for Black Washingtonians By Elena Hernandez | March 30, 2015

Blog Post House Budget Proposal Prioritizes Funding for Education By Kim Justice | March 27, 2015

Blog Post Support Grows for the Working Families Tax Rebate By Kim Justice | March 25, 2015

Blog Post Washington State Lagging in Key Measures of Progress By Kim Justice | March 24, 2015

Blog Post Volatility Claims for Capital Gains Reform Are Overblown By Andy Nicholas | March 23, 2015

Chart/Graphic Capital gains volatility claims are overblown March 23, 2015

Blog Post Carbon Program Revenues Should Invest in Working Families Tax Rebate By Elena Hernandez | March 13, 2015

Blog Post Invest in TANF to Help Strengthen Families By Elena Hernandez | March 10, 2015

Blog Post Why Passing the Family Unity Act Is a Good Idea for Washington State By Eritrea Habtemariam | March 05, 2015

Blog Post The Economic Contributions of Immigrants in Washington State By Eritrea Habtemariam | March 03, 2015

Brief/Report Progress Index 2015: Measuring Shared Prosperity in Washington State March 01, 2015

Brief/Report Creating an Equitable Future in Washington State: Black Well-Being and Beyond March 01, 2015

Blog Post New Data Shows Social Programs Lifted 241,000 Kids Out of Poverty in Washington By Lori Pfingst | February 25, 2015

Blog Post Bill to Improve State Tax Break Transparency Receives Public Hearing By Andy Nicholas | February 20, 2015

Blog Post Revenue Is Projected to Increase, But Not by Enough By Kim Justice | February 20, 2015

Blog Post What Would Raising the Minimum Wage Do? Find Out in Our New FAQ By Lori Pfingst | February 15, 2015

Blog Post Legislature Pays for Increased Costs Related to Fires, Lawsuits in Supplemental Budget By Kim Justice | February 12, 2015

Blog Post Infographic: Why Taxing Capital Gains Would Be Good for Washington State By Andy Nicholas | February 10, 2015

Blog Post Zombies? What Zombies? A Response to an Op-Ed That Itself Seems Lifeless By Melinda Young-Flynn | January 29, 2015

Blog Post Bringing high-quality early learning to kids and families in Washington state By Elena Hernandez | January 28, 2015

Blog Post One Hundred Percent of Income Gains Have Gone to the Richest Washingtonians in Economic “Recovery” By Lori Pfingst | January 27, 2015

Blog Post Three Reasons to Raise the Minimum Wage in Washington State By Lori Pfingst | January 20, 2015

Blog Post Washington state’s upside down tax system takes a heavy toll on communities of color By Andy Nicholas | January 14, 2015

Blog Post Senate “Education by Starvation” Proposal Proves that New Revenue is Needed By Kim Justice | January 13, 2015

Blog Post Updated! FAQs About Taxing Capital Gains In Washington State By Andy Nicholas | January 12, 2015

Blog Post Senate Ways & Means Chair Releases Budget Analysis- Clear Nod to Forthcoming Budget Proposal by Senate By Kim Justice | January 09, 2015

Blog Post New Report Confronts Racial Inequity in Washington State By Kim Justice | January 07, 2015

Brief/Report Facing Race 2015 January 01, 2015

Blog Post Working Families Tax Rebate Will Help All Washingtonians Participate in the Low-Carbon Economy By Elena Hernandez | December 17, 2014

Blog Post Statement: Governor’s Carbon Pollution Bill Protects Washingtonians By Elena Hernandez | December 17, 2014

Blog Post Washington State One of Three States Where Poverty Is Increasing By Elena Hernandez | September 18, 2014

Brief/Report McCleary Amicus Brief August 04, 2014

Blog Post State Tax Resources to Fall Critically Short of Current Needs By Andy Nicholas | June 17, 2014

Blog Post Teachers Lose in the Final Budget By Jillian Pennyman | March 19, 2014

Blog Post Session Wrap-Up: 2014 Supplemental Budget Avoids Elephant in the Room By Kim Justice | March 17, 2014

Blog Post Corporate Tax Dodge Findings Show Need for Reforms in Washington State By Andy Nicholas | February 27, 2014

Blog Post Improved Tax Break Accountability Starts With Better Data By Andy Nicholas | January 30, 2014

Blog Post Let The Sun Set On An Ineffective Tax Break For High-Tech Businesses By Andy Nicholas | January 17, 2014

Blog Post Minimum Wage Increase Right for our Economy By Lori Pfingst | January 14, 2014

Blog Post Overview of Proposed Boeing Tax Breaks and Accountability Measures By Andy Nicholas | November 07, 2013

Blog Post Why the Minimum Wage Debate Matters for Everyone By Lori Pfingst | October 17, 2013

Brief/Report Washington State’s 1930s Tax System Doesn’t Work In A 21st Century Economy October 01, 2013

Blog Post Session Recap: Important Tax Break Reforms Enacted By Andy Nicholas | August 05, 2013

Blog Post 2013 Session Recap: Not a Path to Prosperity By Kim Justice | July 24, 2013

Blog Post 2013-15 Budget: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly By Kim Justice | July 03, 2013

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