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Blog Post Senate leaders propose two crucial policies to rebalance the tax code By Misha Werschkul | March 29, 2019

Blog Post Three takeaways from the House budget proposal By Kelli Smith | March 27, 2019

Blog Post House leaders propose smart tax reforms to pave way for stronger investments By Kelli Smith | March 26, 2019

Blog Post Budget & Policy Center applauds House budget proposal By Misha Werschkul | March 25, 2019

Blog Post Predatory investors are trying to rip off Washington state By Andy Nicholas | March 23, 2019

Chart/Graphic WA Can’t Move Forward with Declining Revenue March 20, 2019

Chart/Graphic March 2019 Forecast: New Revenue Still Needed March 20, 2019

Blog Post Taxing capital gains helps repair economic racism By Andy Nicholas | March 05, 2019

Fact Sheet Closing the Tax Break on Capital Gains February 28, 2019

Blog Post Budget and policy choices affect community well-being By Margaret Babayan | February 27, 2019

Blog Post Capital gains tax would almost exclusively be paid by millionaires, billionaires By Andy Nicholas | February 15, 2019

Blog Post The Working Families Tax Credit is a proven tool for better health By Margaret Babayan | February 11, 2019

Video/Webinar House testimony on the Working Families Tax Credit February 07, 2019

Video/Webinar House work session on revenue and the economy January 24, 2019

Blog Post The pro-worker tool we need to fix our tax code By April Dickinson | January 24, 2019

Fact Sheet Balance the Tax Code with the Working Families Tax Credit January 23, 2019

Video/Webinar House testimony on governor’s budget January 14, 2019

Blog Post Governor’s forward-thinking budget plan sets the state up for a healthy future By Kelli Smith | December 15, 2018

Blog Post Current revenue sources coming up short of what our communities need By Kelli Smith | November 20, 2018

Blog Post It’s time to move Washington state forward By Misha Werschkul | November 07, 2018

Blog Post A good state budget is the best medicine By Jennifer Tran | October 18, 2018

Blog Post Press release: Washington state again ranks worst in the nation for our state tax code By Melinda Young-Flynn | October 17, 2018

Chart/Graphic Washington’s Worst-in-the-Nation Tax Code October 17, 2018

Blog Post Unacceptable. Washington still has the nation’s most inequitable state tax code By Andy Nicholas | October 15, 2018

Video/Webinar Senior Citizens’ Lobby Day presentation: Building an equitable tax code October 11, 2018

Brief/Report A Good State Budget is the Best Medicine October 01, 2018

Blog Post Modernizing the Working Families Tax Credit would rebalance the tax code, grow local economies, and help workers thrive By Kelli Smith | August 14, 2018

Brief/Report Working Families Tax Credit: Promoting Economic Security Through Tax Reform August 01, 2018

Blog Post U.S. Supreme Court decision puts Washington’s economic well-being at risk By Misha Werschkul | June 27, 2018

Blog Post Five essential truths about our state tax code By Melinda Young-Flynn | April 12, 2018

Video/Webinar Budget Beat: McCleary, Revenue, and More March 16, 2018

Video/Webinar Budget Beat: 2018 Legislative Session Wrap-Up March 16, 2018

Blog Post Final budget brings momentous victories for communities, but property tax cuts will come at a cost By Kelli Smith | March 14, 2018

Chart/Graphic Despite McCleary Investments, Spending Levels Are Lower than a Decade Ago March 14, 2018

Blog Post In final budget, lawmakers should take the best from House and Senate proposals By Kelli Smith | February 23, 2018

Video/Webinar House testimony on new revenue for community investments February 20, 2018

Blog Post House budget smartly proposes capital gains tax, but ignores Supreme Court’s order to fund schools this year By Misha Werschkul | February 20, 2018

Blog Post Senate budget proposal makes key necessary investments, but paying for tax cuts with rainy day funds would undercut state’s long-term fiscal health By Misha Werschkul | February 19, 2018

Video/Webinar House testimony on business and occupation tax breaks February 16, 2018

Video/Webinar Senate testimony on capital gains February 16, 2018

Blog Post Our testimony on House Bill 2967 and the need to close the capital gains tax break By Admin | February 16, 2018

Blog Post State’s strong bump in projected revenue will allow lawmakers to devote more funding to schools By Kelli Smith | February 15, 2018

Video/Webinar Senate testimony on tax break transparency and accountability January 18, 2018

Blog Post State legislators should focus on advancing shared prosperity during 2018 legislative session By Misha Werschkul | January 05, 2018

Blog Post Governor’s proposal to salvage community investments shows need for systemic tax reform By Kelli Smith | December 15, 2017

Brief/Report Building an Inclusive Economy December 01, 2017

Blog Post Governor’s initiative on economic security is a big win for Washington’s families By Julie Watts | November 29, 2017

Blog Post State Revenue Projections Show Legislators Need to Do More in 2018 to Fulfill their Obligations to Communities By Kelli Smith | November 20, 2017

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