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Blog Post Policy choices can build a strong foundation for the lifelong health of kids By Tracy Yeung | November 18, 2021

Brief/Report Smart investments can improve long-term health of Washington kids November 18, 2021

Blog Post New reforms bring balance and equity to state’s tax code and economy By Andy Nicholas | July 07, 2021

Blog Post Greater investment in kids needed to help them thrive after the pandemic By Tracy Yeung | June 21, 2021

Fact Sheet Why now is the time to pass a tax on extraordinary profits March 04, 2021

Blog Post Washington’s kids need investments – not short-sighted cuts – to weather the COVID-19 crisis By Liz Olson | October 28, 2020

Blog Post To support kids, support their caregivers By April Dickinson | August 10, 2020

Brief/Report KIDS COUNT: Ensuring children have strong, stable early learning opportunities August 10, 2020

Blog Post Lawmakers made progress to promote economic security, but much more is needed By Melinda Young-Flynn | March 20, 2020

Blog Post It’s time for a statewide Child Savings Account program By Jennifer Tran | February 05, 2020

Fact Sheet Child Savings Accounts put more kids on track for success in education February 05, 2020

Fact Sheet The Working Families Tax Credit would support kids in early childhood January 28, 2020

Blog Post Washington needs to ensure child population grows up strong By Liz Olson | June 17, 2019

Blog Post The sky-high cost of child care rivals tuition and rent By Liz Olson | April 09, 2019

Video/Webinar Senate testimony on Child Savings Accounts February 05, 2019

Fact Sheet Child Savings Accounts Put More Kids on Track for Success January 28, 2019

Blog Post A small investment to help kids succeed By Melinda Young-Flynn | January 28, 2019

Brief/Report KIDS COUNT 2019 Equity Challenge [Spanish] January 16, 2019

Brief/Report KIDS COUNT 2019 Equity Challenge [English] January 16, 2019

Blog Post Set kids up for success from early learning through higher education By Julie Watts | July 10, 2018

Blog Post Child savings accounts advance economic opportunities for kids and families By Hana Jang | July 02, 2018

Brief/Report Ensuring All Kids and Young People Have Opportunities to Succeed June 01, 2018

Video/Webinar Budget Beat: McCleary, Revenue, and More March 16, 2018

Chart/Graphic Despite McCleary Investments, Spending Levels Are Lower than a Decade Ago March 14, 2018

Blog Post Our testimony on House Bill 2967 and the need to close the capital gains tax break By Admin | February 16, 2018

Blog Post An inclusive economy is essential for all Washingtonians, our economy, and the future progress of our state By Jennifer Tran | December 13, 2017

Brief/Report Building an Inclusive Economy December 01, 2017

Blog Post State Revenue Projections Show Legislators Need to Do More in 2018 to Fulfill their Obligations to Communities By Kelli Smith | November 20, 2017

Blog Post Supreme Court’s McCleary Decision Shows that Lawmakers Should Clean Up Tax Code to Invest in Schools By Misha Werschkul | November 15, 2017

Blog Post KIDS COUNT: Barriers to opportunity prevent children of color and immigrant children from reaching their full potential By Jennifer Tran | October 24, 2017

Blog Post Big Boost in Resources for Schools, But Revenue Still Stuck at Recession Levels By Kelli Smith | September 21, 2017

Blog Post Why it’s time to ditch Washington’s harmful property tax restriction By Andy Nicholas | September 01, 2017

Blog Post Final Budget Makes Progress on Community Investments – for Now By Kelli Smith | July 21, 2017

Blog Post Important gains have been made for a better future for our state, but more needs to be done By Julie Watts | May 02, 2017

Video/Webinar Budget Beat: Advancing Racial Equity in Education April 14, 2017

Blog Post Early learning improves kindergarten readiness and reduces disparities for kids of color By Jennifer Tran | April 04, 2017

Brief/Report Early Learning Improves Kindergarten Readiness and Reduces Disparities April 01, 2017

Blog Post Our New Revenue Reform Plan Would Hold Lawmakers Accountable to Communities By Andy Nicholas | February 27, 2017

Blog Post Policymakers Have Opportunities to Advance Family Well-Being this Session By Julie Watts | February 15, 2017

Video/Webinar Budget Beat: Ensuring Access to High-Quality Early Learning For All Kids February 10, 2017

Blog Post It’s time to strengthen our property tax code to invest in schools By Andy Nicholas | January 27, 2017

Blog Post Governor Proposes Bold Plan to Invest in Kids, Clean Up Tax Code By Andy Nicholas | December 13, 2016

Blog Post The Future We Want: The Washington State Budget & Policy Center Announces Our 2017-2019 Legislative Agenda By Julie Watts | December 12, 2016

Blog Post McCleary Reality Check: Legitimate Solutions Required to Fully Fund Schools By Andy Nicholas | September 23, 2016

Blog Post Slight Boost in Projected Tax Revenues Won’t Fix School Funding Crisis By Andy Nicholas | September 21, 2016

Blog Post Funding Schools for Washington’s Kids Can’t Be Done through Property Tax Gimmicks By Andy Nicholas | September 07, 2016

Blog Post Much Work Remains to Be Done to Fund Schools By Kelli Smith | May 19, 2016

Fact Sheet A decade of promoting prosperity May 01, 2016

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